Loan Periods & Fines

Renewing and Returning Library Material

Renew your library materials at any Lorain Public Library System location or CLEVNET library, by phone and online. Some items may not be renewed, such as new entertainment DVDs and items with holds on them. Items that are already overdue and have an existing hold cannot be renewed online.

All Lorain Public Library System locations have material return chutes available  24/7.

Loan Periods:

Seven days

New DVDs and Launchpads

21 days

Books, Magazines, DVDs, audiobooks (any format), Multi-media Kits, CDs

 Overdue Fines:

10 cents per day per item

Books, Magazines, audiobooks (any format), DVDs, Multi-Media Kits, CDs and Launchpads

$1 per day per item

New DVDs

 Renewal Limits:

Five renewals

Books, Magazines, audiobooks (any format), Multi-Media Kits, CDs

Two renewals


No renewals

New DVDs and Launchpads


  • Sundays are not considered in computing fines for overdue materials. Maximum overdue fine is $3 per item.

Exceptions to Loan Periods and Fines

  • Books by Mail items have a 35-day loan period.
  • eLibrary materials have varying loan periods, are returned automatically and do not incur overdue fines.
  • Materials that you receive after reserving items may be owned by other CLEVNET libraries that have different loan periods than listed above. Please verify due dates on your receipt or by monitoring your account online.
  • No overdue fines are charged for late returned children’s books and children's magazines. However, a billing notice is sent for items which are more than 42 days overdue. 


  • Patrons will be charged for lost and damaged materials.

Borrowing privileges may be suspended for cardholders:

  • Whose fines reach $10.
  • Who have more than 10 items overdue.
  • Who have more than 50 items checked out at one time.

A material recovery service may be contracted to assist in recovery of library items.

Golden Buckeye Cardholders

Borrowers with Golden Buckeye cards will not be charged fines on overdue materials. However Golden Buckeye cardholders will be charged fines on damaged or lost items.

Materials Recovery

Accounts of borrowers with fines and/or fees in excess of $49.99 on their account are referred to material recovery services for processing. A collection fee will be assessed to the patron when the account is referred for material recovery services. A patron’s borrowing privileges will be restored once the balance on the user’s account is zero.