Science & Wellness Kits Available

For more hands-on S.T.E.A.M.-based learning opportunities for families, LPLS offers circulating science and wellness kits that can be enjoyed form home.

Limited availability. Call your local branch for details.

Ages 3 and Up

Photo of the Health Kit

The health kit

Contains playsets to educate on subjects such as dental care, first aid and body’s systems and organs.
Photo of the Physical Education Kit

The physical education kit

Includes an activity mat and a kids yoga kit and includes topics such as: avoiding sickness, hygiene, fitness and nutrition.
Photo of the Veterinary Kit

The veterinary kit

Includes an examine and treat vet set with fun veterinarian role playing accessories, as well as a feeding and grooming pet care playset from Melissa and Doug.
Photo of the Nutrition Kit

The nutrition kit

Contains play food representing the food groups and a wooden fruit cutting set from Melissa and Doug. Includes topics such as: food and nutrition, hygiene, and senses.

Ages 5 and Up

Photo of the Geography Kit

The geography kit

Has a LeapFrog magic adventures globe, which allows kids to use a stylus to touch any point on the globe to explore cultures, animals, and habitats through a screen.
Photo of the Math Kit

The math kit

Includes a sequencing numbers puzzle, magnetic numbers and counters, and a number to 100 match-up activity. The included Launchpad features games that focus on kindergarten common core math.
Photo of the Physics Kit

The physics kit

Features a motion discovery set with photo activity cards to help kids conduct experiments with a ramp, balls, toy cars and more. Also included are motion discovery tubes, which offers a way for kids to get hands-on experience with friction, flow, and speed.
Photo of the Engineering Kit

The engineering kit

Includes a robot engineer activity and story book where kids read along and build models of the robots from the story.

Ages 8 and Up

Photo of the Space Kit

The space kit

Features a solar system game, where kids learn about everything from planets, stars and moons to asteroids, to comets and meteors. A solar system discovery board will help kids to visualize and learn about the solar system.
Photo of the Chemistry Kit

The chemistry kit

Includes the equipment needed to conduct simple experiments from home. Unbreakable test tubes, graduated cylinders, and safe eyedroppers.
Photo of the Life Science Kit

The life science kit

Includes a young scientist microscope with a variety of specimen slides such as insects, plants, and vegetables.
Photo of the Math Kit

The math kit

Activities include: a part-whole cards set, which helps kids visualize math problems. A multiplication tower of math, a multiply, divide and conquer game where players solve multiplication and division problems to move their pawns around the game board.