Doing Business with LPLS



The Lorain Public Library System Board of Trustees (Board), located in Lorain, Lorain County, Ohio, announces its intent to update its database for professional design services to address various mechanical issues, space design issues, building modifications and building additions at the Main Library building, located at 351 W. Sixth Street, Lorain, Ohio, and branch locations throughout Lorain County, Ohio.

The Board invites design firms interested in potentially providing the required professional design services for the projects to submit their qualifications, including the firm’s experience with mechanical issues, renovation designs and a statement of interest in potentially working with the Library on upcoming projects.


Include the following:

1. Information about the firm’s history;

2. Education, technical training, and experience of owners and key personnel;

3. The firm’s experience in providing substantially similar services in Ohio (i.e., design services for public libraries and on-going permanent improvement projects);

4. Ability of the firm to provide services as needed by the Board;

5. List of consultants used to provide any services not performed by the design firm or consultant;

6. Past performance as reflected in evaluations of previous and current clients for which the firm has provided or is providing similar services; please include a list of 5 relevant projects involving similar services performed by the firm during the past five years. Include the following information for each project:

a. Project owner, name of project and location;

b. Brief description of the project;

c. Year services were completed or anticipated completion date;

d. Other relevant information about the project and the firm's services;

e. Reference contact person and phone number;

7. The firm's past experience with the Board, if any;

8. The firm’s location and proximity to the site for purposes of attending meetings at the Library.

9. The ability of the individuals identified by the firm who will be responsible for providing the planning and programming services to communicate with the Board and Library Administrators.

Additional Information Requested for the Project

In addition to the qualifications and information listed above, the firm’s submittal should include the following:

  1. Provide the firm’s process for developing internal timelines for providing the required services for assessment, programming and planning.
  2. Provide specific information on project budget development and the firm's experience over the past 5 years with preparing project estimates and construction costs, monitoring project costs, and completing the project within the initial budget.
  3. Explain the firm’s approach to incorporating energy efficiency into proposed Library improvements that will enhance the design and contribute to energy savings and longterm maintenance and operations of systems for the Project.
  4. List a maximum of 4 specific and unique qualities that set the firm apart from others as it relates to the required services for master planning and design/construction of library facilities and related improvements.
  5. Provide specific information about any claims asserted against the firm or its professional liability carrier within the last 5 years, including the resolution of the claim.
  6. Provide information about the insurance coverages carried by the firm, including professional liability insurance.

Firms submitting statements of qualifications for the file will be evaluated and ranked in order of their qualifications, based upon the needs of various projects. Following this evaluation, the firms determined to be most qualified may be asked to meet with Library representatives to present the firm’s qualifications and proposed approach for project(s) before final selection is made. Upon selection of the firm determined to be most qualified to provide the requested services for a particular project(s), compensation and an agreement for services will be negotiated and prepared for the project(s).

Design professionals wishing to submit qualifications for inclusion in the database, and immediate consideration for current projects under consideration, should do so in writing before 4 p.m. on Friday, September 20, 2019. RFQ submissions shall be no more than 50 pages. Submit 1 copy of the firm’s qualifications electronically to:

Angie Rich, CPA, CFO

Lorain Public Library System

351 West Sixth Street

Lorain, Ohio 44052

T: (440)244-1192 x8226; email: