Culinary Literacy Center

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The Culinary Literacy Center is essentially a demonstration kitchen. It is part of a system-wide initiative to teach community members of all ages how to cook and eat healthier, more nutritious foods, showing that it is possible to do so regardless of their income level. Due to the success of this space, The Norton Family Foundation Demonstration Kitchen was included in the Avon Branch renovation and expansion. 

Programs for all ages are planned in both spaces each quarter. Preregistration is required for most culinary programs. For program dates and times and to get registered, see the Events page of this website. Each program is meant to be easily recreated by the participant in their own kitchen at home.

The Culinary Literacy Center, funded in part by the Nord Family Foundation, is located inside Room A on the second floor of the Main Library in Lorain. The Norton Family Foundation Demonstration Kitchen is located inside the large meeting room at the north end of the Avon Branch. 

We have received requests from patrons asking if they can reserve either space for personal use or for a third party such as a Scout Troop. We love that patrons have responded so positively to these spaces and are working internally to determine how we can make this option available to members of the community. 

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