Friends of the Lorain Public Library, Inc.

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Main Library, South Lorain Branch and Bookmobile

The Friends of the Lorain Public Library, Inc. is a non-profit organization of area residents. The purpose of the Friends group is to promote interest in the Lorain Public Library System locations in the city of Lorain - the Main Library, the South Lorain Branch Library, and the Bookmobile.

What do Friends do?

Friends provide financial and volunteer help in sponsoring programs and activities within the Library. Friends encourage gifts and contributions to the Library. The Friends also sponsor a scholarship fund for library employees.  The Friends monitor and support adequate funding for Libraries at the state level, and actively participate in local library levy campaigns. 

Main Library Book Sales

Friends volunteer to help with the three book sales (January, May and September) held at the Main Library each year as well as with other fund raising events. Members of the Friends of the Lorain Public Library, Inc. may attend the Friends Preview Book Sale held from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. on the Thursday evening before the book sale opens to the general public.

Main Library Book Sale dates for 2013:
January 11 - 14, 2013 Friends Preview Sale: January 10
May 10 - 14, 2013 Friends Preview Sale: May 9
September 13 - 17, 2013 Friends Preview Sale: September 12


Annual dues of members, monetary contributions and monies raised from fund raising activities enable the Friends to provide added funds to the library for services, equipment and programs. 
When Do Friends Meet?

The Board of Trustees of the Friends of the Lorain Public Library, Inc. meets several times throughout the year. The frequency of these meetings is at the discretion of the President of the Friends group. The Board meeting dates are listed on the Lorain Public Library System website calendar of events. Board members are notified by mail of upcoming meetings. Each year an Annual Meeting, to which all members are invited, is held, usually in conjunction with a program for the general public.

Where Do Friends Meet?

Meetings are held at the Main Library in Lorain or at the South Lorain Branch Library. A Public Services Coordinator at the Main Library and the South Lorain Branch Librarian serve as liaisons to the group and are the official representatives of the library system.  The group is led by a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer, who are elected by the voting members of the Friends Board of Trustees. 
Why Should I Join?

Your contribution of time and money will not only benefit the Library, but also the city of Lorain and yourself, as well. You play an important role as a link between the community and the Library. Your interest and use of the Library will encourage your neighbors, friends, family and associates, to use the Library for their own recreational, informational and educational interests.

How Do I Join?

By completing an application form you can become a member. Application forms can be obtained at the Main Library, at the South Lorain Branch and from the Bookmobile Librarian.  Click here to download a printable application. You can make a difference! Please join the Friends today!

Annual Membership Dues:
Student (18 years and under) $3.00
Individual $5.00
Family $15.00
Organization $25.00
Corporation/Business $75.00

Make checks payable to: Friends of the Lorain Public Library, Inc.

Mail your membership payment to: 
Friends of the Lorain Public Library, Inc.
Lorain Public Library
351 Sixth St.
Lorain, OH 44052

Member of the Ohio Library Council Friends of the Library. (