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Submit a 3D design by filling out the form below. Patrons are contacted via email when jobs are completed.
Buy submitting a file, patrons acknowledge:

  • File size limit is 30MB. Acceptable file type is .stl
  • Jobs will be printed using PLA or PLA+ filament and submitted one at a time.
  • PLA is not intended for usage with food.
  • Completion time is typically 7-10 business days.
  • Filament charge is .10 per gram and $1.00 minimum.
  • Staff will attempt printable files 3 times to achieve a successful print. Patrons are not charged for failed attempts. After 3 attempts the job must be re-submitted.
  • Files are printed exactly as submitted. We print with rafts and supports by default unless otherwise not necessary.
  • Patrons must follow applicable copyright laws and licensing agreements while abiding by any local, state, or federal ordinances including regulations and/or laws.
  • Staff reserves the right to refuse to print projects that violate library policy, including weapons and illegal items.

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