Public Meeting Rooms

As a community service, the Lorain Public Library System makes its meeting rooms at the Main Library, Avon, Columbia, Domonkas (Sheffield Lake), North Ridgeville and South Lorain Branches, available for non-profit use by community groups. These rooms seat from 2 to 150 persons. Persons using a room may rearrange the room to serve their needs. If the room is rearranged, persons using the room are required to return the room back to its original set-up style.

The use of the rooms for community meetings or programs must be in accordance with the library policy. We have tried to establish policies and procedures that are fair, and that maximize the availability of our meeting rooms for community use.

Please read the meeting room policy and rules carefully before requesting a room. We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to providing your group with a pleasant meeting place.

Meeting Room Policy

The primary purpose of Lorain Public Library System’s meeting rooms is to provide facilities for library-related activities. The needs of the library for in-house use of the meeting rooms take precedence over the use of meeting rooms by outside groups.

When library meeting rooms are not being used for library-related programs, the rooms are available for non-profit use by local community groups. The groups may use meeting rooms for private meetings or to present programs for the general public. Groups may not charge admission or require donations for their meetings unless it will offset the cost of program supplies or refreshments.

Programs for the public must be consistent with the informational, educational or cultural purposes of the library and must be non-solicitational and/or non-commercial in nature.

Meetings, events, programs or activities that might disturb regular library operations are not permitted. If a meeting or event in progress does disturb regular library operations, the library reserves the right to immediately terminate the meeting or event. The group, upon notification of a disturbance, will immediately discontinue the disturbance or vacate the premises.

Programs should be scheduled to begin and end during the hours the library is open. Light refreshments are permitted in the meeting rooms.

The applicant, who must be 18 years of age or older, assumes the responsibility for complying with the meeting room policy and is responsible for room clean up and shall return the room to the posted standard meeting room arrangement. Library staff is not available to assist in any way during set up or use of meeting rooms.

An applicant will be billed for any clean-up costs and damages. The applicant accepts financial responsibility for any and all damage caused to the building or equipment beyond normal wear and tear.

The adult who is requesting to use a library meeting room must be a library cardholder who resides, goes to school or works in the Lorain Public Library System’s service district. In general, by requesting to use a library meeting room, a group acknowledges its willingness to be addressed sometime during its meeting by a library staff member(s) concerning library services if such address can be scheduled by library staff.
Library sponsored programs, The Foundation of the Lorain Public Library System, Inc., or Friends of the library programs are exempt from this policy since their activities and programs fall within the service goals of the library.

A fee may be charged if the group’s use of the room has resulted in the need for repair to library furnishings or equipment, or if excessive clean-up is required by library staff. Imposition of this fee will be at the discretion of the Library Director.

How To Book Rooms

To request use of a meeting room:

  • You must be 18 years of age or older and you must be a library cardholder who resides, goes to school or works in the Lorain Public Library System service district.

  • You must reserve the room in advance. Tentative reservations can be made by phone, but a completed application form must accompany your request.

  • Fill out a meeting room application form to request use of the meeting room. You may request a form by calling the library site where you wish to hold your meeting or by stopping in at the receptionist’s desk at the Main Library or at the circulation desk at the Avon, Columbia, Domonkas, North Ridgeville or South Lorain branches.

  • You are NOT permitted to use the room until your request has been approved.

  • Rooms cannot be booked for programs or meetings scheduled for days or times that the library is normally closed. Programs or meetings should be scheduled to begin and end during the hours the library is open.

Meeting Room Rules

  • Reservations for a regular meeting by the same group will be accepted no more than three months in advance. Conditional reservations may be accepted farther in advance with the understanding that the needs of the library may result in cancelling or re-scheduling the tentative booking.

  • Reservations made for a program more than three months in advance will only be accepted on a tentative basis.

  • In general, a meeting room may be used no more than once a month for private meetings or public meetings by any organization, chapter, division or branch of a group.

  • A library sponsored program may “bump” the community group from use of the tentatively scheduled room on that date or time. (Such “bumping” would be done only after an attempt to provide an alternative location or date for the group had failed.)

  • The name, address, or telephone number of the Main Library or any Lorain Public Library System Branch may NOT be used as the contact address or headquarters of an organization.

  • The use of the meeting room by a non-library group shall not be publicized in such a way as to imply library sponsorship of the group’s activities unless the activity is being co-sponsored by the library. 

  • If refreshments are served, attendees are to be clearly advised by the group leader that food and/or beverages are not to be taken into any library areas other than the meeting room (or kitchen). Groups are expected to clean up after themselves.

  • Prompt notification to the library of cancellation of a meeting is required. It is the group leader’s responsibility to notify its members/audience if the scheduled meeting or public program is to be cancelled. The library does not post signs, etc. about such cancellations.

  • An adult leader shall be present at all times and responsible for the supervision of any groups of children (under the age of 18) using the meeting room.

  • The meeting/program must be held within the confines of the meeting room and shall not cause disturbance to those using the library’s public areas or the reception area.

  • Alcoholic beverages and smoking are not permitted in the meeting rooms at the branches.

  • During a meeting or program that is open to the public, no admission fee or donation requests are permitted. No items may ordinarily be sold unless for the profit of the library. However, groups may charge a reasonable fee to recover the cost of materials, hand outs, craft-making supplies, refreshments, etc. Arrangements for any such fees have to be approved at the time of the room booking.

  • The library may, on occasion, sponsor classes offering instruction in skills. Tuition fees to cover costs of supplies may be charged. The library also may allow its meeting rooms to be used by local school systems or area colleges and universities. In such cases, tuition fees may be charged.

  • The library system does not endorse the views expressed by any group or individual using its meeting rooms; but does endorse the right of those individuals or groups to express their views, so long as they abide by the policies and rules governing the use of library meeting rooms.

Important...Please Note

  • Failure to abide by these rules for meeting room use may be justification for denying the group further use of meeting rooms.

  • The library is not liable for injuries to people, damage to their property or loss of property belonging to individuals or groups using the meeting rooms.

  • The adult filing an application to reserve a meeting room must agree to assume full responsibility for any damages to the facility or equipment which may occur as a result of the group’s use.

For More Information

If you have any further questions about the library System’s meeting rooms, please call 440-244-1192. To book a meeting room, call or visit the site where you are requesting meeting room space.

Adopted by Lorain Public Library System Board of Trustees, June 18, 2009

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