NEW Online Self-Publishing Tools

8/2/2017 -- If you’re thinking about self-publishing, the Lorain Public Library System is now offering three free, online tools for independent authors to write, edit, design and publish works in print and a variety of eBook formats.


BiblioBoard, Self-e, and Pressbooks. Find them at


BiblioBoard houses digital books, images, videos and more from libraries, artists, authors and others from your community and around the world. It offers new fiction, popular comic books, award-winning videos, and colorful children's books.

SELF-e is a collaboration between Library Journal and BiblioBoard allowing authors and libraries to work together to present self-published eBooks. If a submitted eBook is selected by Library Journal’s SELF-e curation process, the eBooks may be circulated among participating public libraries across the U.S. and Canada.

Pressbooks is another online platform, also partnering with BiblioBoard, for creating professional eBooks and print books which may then circulate in participating libraries.

Not ready to upload your works yet? Peruse what other authors have done on the publishing platform, the BiblioBoard mobile library. You can read eBooks on that online platform via any device, at any time.

Learn more about the traditional and self-publishing process when you attend the LPLS Writing Conference this September.