Browser's® Biography

Family: Mama was a Golden Retriever and Dad was a Saint Bernard.  There were six of us in the litter.  I was the youngest by three minutes.

Favorite Food: Hot dogs, cookies and water with an ice cube.

Favorite Pastimes: Good books, long walks, and a scratch behind the ear.

Favorite Books: Clifford the Big Red Dog, Henry and Ribsy, Balto, and Old Yeller.

Favorite Movies: Homeward Bound, Incredible Journey and Lassie Come Home.

Why I Wanted To Be the Library Mascot: It's true: Read, Succeed! And, dogs are supposed to be man's best friend, right? Woman's, boy's and girl's too. Besides, do you really think a cat would do this job right?

Heroes: Gina the Service Dog, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Spot, Balto, Mother Hubbard, James Herriott and Claude the Dog.