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A+ Teacher Place is the place to start to find curriculum, professional development, and educational technology resources on the Internet.

Common Core - Preparing America's Students for College & Career.  Learn why Common Core is important for your child.

Education Links - Ohio Department of Education
The Ohio Department of Education provides information through links to a variety of educational opportunities in Ohio.

English Teaching and Learning Resources
Teaching and learning resources for those studying or teaching English as a second language.

Gale Courses offers a wide range of highly interactive, instructor-led courses that you can take entirely online.  Courses run for six weeks and new sessions begin every month.  No tuition is charged but these courses are only available to library card holders.  A few courses may require your purchase of a textbook. Students who have enrolled in a course must log in and view lessons one and two within 13 days after the start date of the course, or they will be automatically dropped.  Students who are dropped from a course will be able to enroll in the course during a later session.

GED - Ohio Department of Education
The Test Series has changed effective January 2, 2014, and will only be given on computer at an authorized Computer Based Site. The new computer-based test will cost $120.

Khan Academy
Learn almost anything for free by viewing some of the over 2,100 short videos that have been posted to YouTube by Sal Khan. Topics range from arithmetic to science to finance to history to much more.

MIT Open Courseware
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology provides free access to hundreds of courses to view and study online.

National Center for Educational Statistics
The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), located within the U.S. Department of Education and the Institute of Education Sciences, is the primary federal entity for collecting and analyzing data related to education.

Study Guide Zone
Includes a series of free study guides on a variety of standardized tests commonly utilized for admissions, licensing, and educational assessment.

Study Tips
On this site, you will find over 75 articles spanning over 23,000 words all geared to one goal: helping you study more effectively.
Visit this website and find over 40 types of free practice tests including ACT, CDL, COMPASS, GED, GRE, LSAT, Nursing Exam, Praxis, PSAT, SAT, and more.

22+ High School Diploma Program

High School graduation is still within reach. This is your opportunity for a brighter future. The 22+ Diploma program from Lorain County Community College is the new opportunity you've been looking for. Anyone 22-years old or older can earn a high school diploma at no cost. You'll work on your own time, supported by a team that cares about your success. It's Free - The 22+ Diploma program is a state program and is offered at no cost to participants. It's Flexible - All classes are available online, so you can work any time of the day or night, from any computer. Don't have a computer at home? There are hundreds of computers available to use all across the LCCC campus - or at local public libraries.

Wanna Learn
Over 350 categories of free, first-rate, family-safe online tutorials, guides and instructionally oriented websites.

Education - Colleges and Universities

Academic Earth
Academic Earth helps connect you to degrees and certificates that can be earned online from highly-respected universities. Provides dozens of free online teaching videos in many topics.

Affordable Colleges Online

The editors analyzed several thousand American colleges and ranked the top 54 colleges with the most affordable online programs with graduates that are successful finding high paying careers post-graduation.  The website provides financial aid videos, expert advice, cost savings ideas and a categorized directory of free online introductory, or "101", classes, from several top named U.S. universities such as MIT, Michigan and U.C. Berkeley.

America's Best Colleges
U. S. News and World Report provides an annual listing of colleges that they rate.

America's Best Graduate Schools
U. S. News and World Report provides an annual listing of graduate schools that they rate.

Information about college and higher education opportunities provided from a not-for-profit website.

Education Degrees Directory
Helps current and aspiring teachers find education degree programs to match their needs. helps students who are interested in studying abroad to find information about education alternatives all over the world.

Online Education Database
The Online Education Database is an online education directory for both free and for-credit learning options.  It offers comprehensive reviews of online schools and degree programs. The database only lists accredited online schools. 

Education - Financial Aid or Scholarships

Covers topics including guidance on obtaining aid from the federal government, state governments, colleges and universities, private organizations, community service, scholarships, and more. A special focus about federal aid details topics including FAFSA, grants, loans, work-study, military programs, taxes, and changes implemented by the government during 2010.

Financial aid facts.
CollegeNET, Inc. is the world's leading 'virtual plumber' for higher education internet transactions. We provide here for your convenience over 1500 customized Internet admissions applications built for college and university programs.

Community Foundation of Lorain County
By visiting this website you can read complete descriptions of each local scholarship offered through the Community Foundation of Greater Lorain County. You can also download a scholarship application form.

FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid
Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Fill out form online.
Search thousands of scholarships, get tips on financial aid

The smart student's guide to financial aid.

Free Scholarship Searches
Scholarships links pages provided.

Ohio Career Colleges Scholarships

Discover more than 200 scholarship opportunities.

Free scholarship searches by category. Site's search engine matches your profile with database of college scholarships. Search results include award summary and a custom application request letter.

Student Aid Gov

This site explains the differences between federal and private student loans, the various kinds of federal student loans offered, and the dollar amounts available. Included are details on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Education - Ohio

Academic Standards Guides for Ohio Families
The Standards Guides for Families highlight some skills your child should know and be able to do at each grade. They are based on Ohio’s Academic Content Standards.

InfoOhio Parent Resources
INFOhio is a statewide cooperative school library and information network. It provides access to online information for Ohio's learners and educators. This site provides links to parent resources.

Northeastern Ohio Education Association
The North Eastern Ohio Education Association is composed of over 34,500 elementary and secondary teachers, university professors and support staffs proudly serving students attending Ohio's public schools and universities in Northeast Ohio.

Ohio Association of Career Colleges and Schools
Ohio Association of Career Colleges and Schools (OACCS) is a statewide association with voluntary membership for proprietary, postsecondary private career colleges and schools. All member schools are licensed by the State of Ohio, through the State Board of Career Colleges and Schools.

Ohio Department of Education
This website gives information about a variety of education related topics including state mandated proficiency tests, the ratings for public school systems in Ohio, as well as press releases of information for the public.

Ohio Education Association
OEA members work in Ohio's schools, colleges & universities to help improve public education and the lives of Ohio's children. OEA members--more than 131,000--provide a wide range of professional education services in communities throughout the state.

Ohio Campuses
The Ohio Board of Regents website lists all Ohio public colleges and universities.

Educational Games

Educational Games from the Nobel Prize Website
These educational productions do not require previous knowledge. A central thought or issue is explored during 10-20 minutes of activity, using a specific Nobel Prize-awarded work as a springboard for the whole exercise.

First School Preschool Activities and Crafts
First-School features free fun preschool lesson plans, educational early childhood activities, printable crafts, worksheets, calendar of events and other resources for children of preschool age.
The Family Education Network provides lots of challenging and educational games.

Math and Reading Help
Our most popular area for children. Fun and simple educational games to help children improve their math and literacy skills. Games cover a variety of subject matter including math, spelling and memory retention.

Primary Games
Provides lots of colorful games for children as well as resources for teachers.

Up to
Provides educational games and activities for preschool and primary school children. You will find over 400 games divided into 24 categories : songs, stories, musical games, craft activities, cooking and recipes...