D I Y Network
The homepage of the Do It Yourself Network.

So many do-it-yourself projects using a variety of materials, tools and skills. Just browse and get inspired!

Do It
Provides much useful home improvement and home repair information. Illustrated how-to-do-it details are provided on a variety of topics.

eHow ... How to do just about everything!
eHow is the world's most popular place to find step-by-step instructions on how to do just about everything. Learn how stuff works, how to fix things, how to find things, how to buy things, and how to make your life easier.
Home and Garden TV's homepage.

Fix your own hardware (digital cameras, laptops, media players, PCs, Macs, video game consoles, cell phones, etc.) with the help of free service manuals and how-to-do-it guides.

Old House Web
Old House Web provides ideas, advice and community for old house enthusiasts along with information on old house restoring, renovation and suppliers.'s Do It Yourself Resources provides dozens of links to a variety of do it yourself topics.

This Old House
Visit their website for home improvement and remodeling tips as well as ideas for new home planning.

Woodworkers' Central
Provides buying details for woodworking project plans. This site has details about and photos of various types of wood.