Lorain Tornado of 1924

The deadliest tornado in Ohio history struck Lorain and Sandusky on Saturday, June 28, 1924. There were 72 people killed that day in Lorain, a city of 37,000.

Clara Lodwick and the American Red Cross Northern Ohio Tornado Relief Effort

Representatives from the American Red Cross arrived the same evening of the storm to start their efforts to help the survivors.  They worked in the area for months helping the community recover. During this period Clara Lodwick was the supervisor of nursing services for the American Red Cross northern Ohio tornado relief effort. By April 1925 the American Red Cross had disbursed over $1,019,751.00 in relief to families and businesses.

Excerpt from The Rabbi's Girls by Johanna Hurwitz

A fictional account of the Lorain Tornado as experienced by one family. Johanna Hurwitz's mother lived in Lorain during the summer of 1924 when the Lorain Tornado struck on June 28. The novel The Rabbi's Girls is based on some of her mother's experiences in Lorain.

Jim Mahony remembers the Lorain Tornado

 On Dec. 1, 1987 Sheila Ives, a librarian at the Lorain Public Library, interviewed Jim Mahony about his memories of growing up in Lorain.  This is an excerpt from that day’s interview when they discussed the Lorain Tornado.

Lorain Tornado Souvenir and Memorial Book

All details of word and pictures in this book have been approved and pronounced authentic by George Hoffman, mayor of Lorain.

The Lorain, Ohio, Tornado, June 28, 1924

by Herbert C. Hunter (Monthly Weather Review, Weather Bureau, Washington, D.C., Aug. 1, 1924)

Survivors recall the day of the tornado

Jane Meitzke MacDuff interviewed her parents who survived the Lorain Tornado - although the same could not be said for their house.

Thunder in the Heartland: A Chronicle of Outstanding Weather Events in Ohio

by Thomas W. Schmidlin and Jeanne Appelhans Schmidlin, Kent State University Press, 1996, Pages 254-258.

Tornado Talk

Caught by Surprise! The 1924 Sandusky-Lorain, Ohio Tornado.  This is a podcast from a website sharing information about a variety of tornadoes.  Episode 10 of Tornado Talk features the historic 1924 Sandusky-Lorain Tornado.

Weather Bureau Climatological Data, Ohio Section Vol. XXIX, No. 6, June 1924

U.S. Department of Agriculture, William H. Alexander, meteorologist and section director.