Local History Resources

Adventures in Ancestry
A Research Guide to Special Collections and Public Records
Early History of Lorain
An excerpt from THE EARLY HISTORY OF LORAIN COUNTY by W.W. Boynton.
Gore Orphanage
The Legend and the true history of the Gore Road Orphanage.

The Heartland: Life and Loss in Steel City

Part 1 of an in depth story about Lorain's changing steel production and its impact on local workers and the community.

History of Lorain, Ohio - Chronology
Chronology of the history of Lorain, Ohio, 1879 to Present.
Jim Mahony, Mr. Lorain
Jim Mahony was born in 1918 and died in 1998. He was a lifelong resident of Lorain. He was also a journalist who experienced and reported on many aspects of the city's life from the 1920s to the late 1990s.

Lorain County Memory
Lorain County Memory is a collaborative collection assembled by Lorain Public Library System in partnership with the Lorain Historical Society.  Collections include historic photographs, documents, newspaper articles, artifacts and audiovisual resources.  Lorain County Memory is administered by the Lorain Public Library System.

Lorain Historical Society

The Lorain Historical Society (formerly called the Black River Historical Society) offices are currently located in the Carnegie Center at  329 West 10th Street in Lorain.

Lorain Public Library - Guidelines for Answering Local History and Obituary Requests
Click here for details on how to request local history or obituary information from the Adult Services Department of the Lorain Public Library System (Main Library).
Lorain Steeltown 1937-1941
A History of an Ohio Steeltown from Recession to War.
Lorain Tornado of 1924
The deadliest tornado in Ohio history struck Sandusky and then Lorain on Saturday, June 28, 1924. Seventy-two people were killed in Lorain, then a city with a population of 37,000.
Lorain's Historic Lighthouse
Information about the history of the Lorain Lighthouse.
Lorain's International Festival
History, Past Queens and Princesses
Mayors of Lorain
A list of the men who have served as mayor of Lorain since 1874.
Michael Dirda - Sweet Lorain
Local author reminisces about growing up in Lorain
The Origin of Sandstone Quarries in Northern Ohio
In the 1840s the industrial revolution spread to northern Ohio in the form of sandstone quarries that carried the region into the modern world, shaping its people and identity in the process.
Underground Railroad
The Lorain County Connection