Wayne P. Stewart


Wayne P. Stewart was born in 1951 in Donora, PA., a town where baseball greats Stan Musial and Ken Griffey, Sr., - Stewart’s high school classmate – were also born. Stewart has been writing professionally for over 20 years. His work has appeared in Baseball Digest, Beckett Publications, USA Today/Baseball Weekly, and Boy’s Life. He has also written for the Baseball Hall of Fame and for many Major League Baseball teams. In 1974, Stewart moved to Lorain to teach at Southview High School. In 2004 he retired from teaching at Whittier Middle School. Wayne lives in Lorain with his family - wife Nancy, and sons, Sean and Scott.


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  • Baseball Puzzlers: You Make the Call. (2000)
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  • Pitching Secrets of the Pros: Big-League Hurlers Reveal the Tricks of Their Trade. (2004)
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  • You're the Ref : 156 Scenarios to Test Your Football Knowledge (2011)
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  • You're the Basketball Ref : 101 Questions To Test Your IQ (2013)
  • Tales from First Base : The Best, Funniest, and Slickest First Basemen Ever (Co-authored with Brad Engel - 2013)
  • You're the Umpire: 152 Scenarios to Test Your Baseball Knowledge (2016)