S. Alan Schweitzer


S. Alan Schweitzer resides in Avon, Ohio with his wife, Barbara. They have one son, Matthew, who lives in Columbus. Schweitzer loves to read science fiction works and play the piano. One day he hopes to play Scriabin, Debussy, and Arnold Bax fluently.

Schweitzer, a Philadelphia native, worked for the Lorain Public Library System for 25 years before retirement. He received a bachelor's degree in Spanish from South Centre College in Danville, KY; a master's degree in Spanish from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey; and a doctorate in romance languages, also from Rutgers. Before coming to Lorain, he taught Spanish at Rutgers, at Lafayette College in Pennsylvania, and at Texas A & M University. Eventually, he decided to change fields and received a Master of Library Science degree from The University of Pittsburgh School of Library and Information Science.

Schweitzer actually wrote The Carradine Legacy in the late 1980s, spending 18 months putting his ideas into longhand on evenings, weekends, and vacations. A colleague typed the manuscript for him. Unfortunately, it then ended up "on the shelf" for nine years.

"I sent the book to five or six publishers and was rejected. I sent it to a local college English Department and received several recommendations and I made revisions. Two other publishers refused it, so I put it away," he explained. In August, 1999, Schweitzer decided to give the novel another chance. "I can be passionate about library work, but occasionally we all do get in a rut. I needed something to give me a new start." This time, Minerva Press, a Florida-based publisher which accepts work from new writers, agreed to publish the novel.

Schweitzer describes The Carradine Legacy as part mystery, part fantasy, part science fiction and part myth. It's also a quest for identity. The main character, Stephan Carradine, is a middle-aged professor of romance languages and a prodigy in music. But he is also a dreamer at heart who is searching for his roots. He becomes involved in biological/computer experiments which initially seem to be "normal" research into the link between the capacity of the mind and quantum energy through the Intelligence Enhancement Project. However, it's clear something else is going on after two students die; the head of the Modern Language Department disappears; and mysterious cases of cerebral hemorrhage suddenly develop. Schweitzer said "Stephan is like me in many ways - for example, a professor of romance languages. But we're also very different."


  • Cosmovision y Mito en el "Altazor" de Huidobro (Cosmovision and Myth in the poem) "Altazor de Huidobr". (1974)
  • The Carradine Legacy. (2000)
  • In Search of Neva. ( 2002)
  • The Bracelet. (2009)
  • Zone 2 (2011)
  • The Confessionist Eternal (2014)