Mike Haszto

MikeMike Haszto, born in 1959, is originally a native of Long Island, New York. He now resides in North Ridgeville.

In addition to four volumes of poetry, he has published two novels featuring a character called Mickey Miller, who is the owner of radio station V103.

When asked about writing, Haszto cites his favorite quote, “Anyone can write, but not many can express”. He further explains that, “The challenge of writing, whether poetry or a story is in creating the vision and then finding the right words to express it. I have written for over 30 years and find this to be the most challenging form of communication, and yet the most satisfying.”

Haszto is an avid fan of baseball, hockey and soccer. His hobbies include the radio industry and he plays hockey and indoor soccer in adult leagues. Haszto is a local high school coach and has coached youth hockey for over 17 years. He is also a Parrothead disciple.


  • Of Dampness and Dreams (2008)
  • Pieces of the Heart (2008)
  • Radio Free Mickey (2008)
  • Life on Side B (2009)
  • Pieces of the Heart II (2009)
  • Pieces of the Heart III (2009)
  • A Warm Breeze While Under Palm Trees (2009)