Lloyd Wilson


Lloyd Jack Wilson was born in Lorain in 1938.  He lived the first fifty years of his life on the East Side of the Bascule Bridge, which still connects the city of Lorain’s East and West side of town. That’s back when it stayed closed more than open.  As the fearless captain of Patrol Boys at Fairhome Elementary, he never lost a fellow student on his watch. In the mid-fifties, Lloyd played sports at Longfellow and was in numerous plays and musicals. After graduating from Lorain Senior, he was a sign artist at Ritter Signs and married another East Sider; Janet Bohach.

During the seven years Wilson spent in Lorain’s Ohio National Guard Unit, Co. B, he and Janet had two sons—still do—plus four grandchildren. And for five years he was the Journal’s staff artist, where he created crisp copy and attention-grabbing layouts for advertising and display. During those years he found time to coach Little League and then on to Lorain’s American Legion baseball team, Post 30, to several championships.

As an artist at Cedar Point he began writing how-to articles for SignCraft, an international magazine. Then, during the years Lloyd wielded a brush at Disney and MGM Studios as an artist/instructor, he wrote and produced the play Madam Zodiac, a comedy/thriller that enjoyed a successful run throughout Central Florida.

For the last ten years he’s been writing the historical fiction/family saga, The Keeper trilogy; an adventure novel about saving the Lorain lighthouse. Book one begins during the War of 1812, and ends in 1941. The Keeper’s Son takes place in the fifties. And the Last Keeper ends in real time. An MGM script doctor believes the stories are perfect for adaption into screenplays.

At present Wilson has adapted an original Christmas story into a play between monitoring an elite writers group in Tarpon Springs, Florida. He has also penned a middle reader adventure novel, Maximum Graffiti and continues to write how-to-articles. Wilson’s writing spirit may be on the west coast of Florida, but he boasts that his heart will always be in Lorain, Ohio.


  • The "Keeper" trilogy (This soon-to-be published series is a historical fiction account of the Lorain Lighthouse from its beginnings to the present time including the "battle" to regain the Lighthouse's original Fresnel lens.)
  • Lloyd has also has penned a comedy/thriller play, Madam Zodiac, which enjoyed a successful run in the Orlando, Florida area.
  • Fear on the Cusp, a comedy/mystery script that he penned and produced in Florida
  • Maximum Grafitti, a Young Adult Novel
  • Social Insecurity, an original screenplay
  • Articles published in SignCraft: The Magazine for the Sign Artist and Commercial Sign Shop:
    • Boat lettering: what to do when your ship comes in . (Summer, 1984)
    • Bartering: Have I got a deal for you! (May/June 1985)
    • Creating antique signs (July/August 1985)
    • Signs and graphics at Cedar Point (July/August 1986)
    • Neon signs are a gas (May/June 1996)
    • 16 tips for successful sandblasted signs (May/June 1999)
    • Neon lights, camera, action: Signage for a Hollywood-style back lot (September/October 2007)