John Joseph Deering

JohnJohn Deering has lived in Northeastern Ohio for the greater part of his life.  In addition to two short trips to Europe he has also toured some farside Pacific islands and lands, courtesy of the U.S. Marine Corps.  At the end of WWII John was sent to the South Pacific as a 2nd lieutenant, and five years later, he was recalled as a 1st lieutenant and saw limited combat duty in Korea with the 7th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division.

Deering is the father of six adult children, divorced, and retired from the world of business and commerce.  His present interests revolve around desktop publishing.

Other unpublished works that he has written include four plays, some humorous and not so humorous essays, poetry and a work much larger than his published work, God, Was She a Man, Or Is He a Woman?


  • God: Was She A Man, or Is He A Woman?: The Politics of Religion); Reminiscences and Observations of John Joseph Deering, Volume II. (1996)