Dr. Mary Hilaire Tavenner


Dr. Mary Hilaire Tavenner was born Sally Lynne Tavenner, fourth of seven children, in Lorain, Ohio, in 1949. At the age of 17, she became a Franciscan nun. She left the order at age 35 to take on a career as a teacher in Florida. She received her doctorate in Reading/Language Arts from the University of South Florida. In 1993, she returned to live in Lorain to care for her ailing mother. It was in Lorain that she moved forward to pursue her dream of writing.

In 1997 she published a collection of short stories about popular French Saints and about her two week odyssey in France.

Tavenner is also the author of many newspaper, journal and magazine articles.


  • Nun of This ... and Nun of That, Book One and Book Two. Convent Life in the 1960's. (1995)
  • France, 1996: Memoirs of a Writer in France. (1997)
  • A Portrait of Helen Steiner Rice: A Lorain Version. (1998)
  • Memoirs of a Writer in Peru. (2004)
  • Memories of Mom: They called her "Dutch". (2006)
  • My Friendship with Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton. (2008)
  • Puerto Rico 2006 : Memoirs of a writer in Puerto Rico (2010)

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