Awilda Ramirez


Ramirez has written over 400 poems in English and Spanish. She is the recipient of two national Golden Awards for talent shared at poetry conventions in Washington, D.C. and Las Vegas. She was the only student from the English Department at the University of Puerto Rico at the 1978 annual honor ceremony to receive an award for academic excellence and leadership for her selected poem, Life is God, published in College Poetry Review.

Many of her poems have been published in books of philosophy and anthologies: Pegasus Family Treasury of Poems, Great Poems of the Western World, American Anthology, The World of Poetry Anthology, Treasury of Golden Poems, and Awaken to a Dream.

She plans to publish in the near future her first collection of poetry, written in Spanish. That collection is called Victorias Sin Batallas.

Ramirez lives in Lorain where she was born. She graduated from the University of Puerto Rico. She taught English in Luguillo, Puerto Rico and later taught for twenty-two years for the Lorain City Schools. She has also taught as a substitute teacher for the Sheffield-Sheffield Lake Schools.

She was acolumnist with the Chronicle-Telegram for six years, Her column, Hispanic Happenings, was about local Hispanic issues. She has also written columns for the Morning Journal and La Prensa.

Ramirez has a son, Jonathan Visalden.


  • Romantic Love Poems. (1990)

More Information:

By Awilda Ramirez

A moment to think
My feelings sentimental
bring back rushing light.

Thinking of life lived,
a roaring sea whipped me,
but life smells freshly.

Today is a poem.
Today I heard Emily
whisper in my mind.

Life is a flower.
I know Emily felt it.
This is a garden.