Lorain Public Library System - Local Authors

Lou Acosta

Lou Acosta
Louis Angel Acosta, also known as Brother Lew, was born in Puerto Rico in 1953. Lou is an author, director, producer, artist, poet, speaker, urban evangelist and minister. ...more

Brian Barbour

Brian Barbour
Brian Barbour has written many literary criticism essays and has edited anthologies of essays about a variety of authors. ...more

Sherrod Brown

Sherrod Brown
Senator Sherrod Brown has written books about free trade and the U. S. Congress. ...more

Michael  Burke

Michael  Burke
In his memoir Michael Burke wrote about his sports experiences in Lorain and later in college. ...more

Malcolm Cash

Malcolm Cash
Malcolm Cash wrote about his family’s North American slave experiences, migration north and life during the Civil Rights Era. ...more

Linwood Chamberlain

Linwood Chamberlain
Rev. Chamberlain wrote a novel about the life and death of a World War II veteran whose memories of the war in the Pacific scarred his life and helped cause his death decades later. ...more

Carolyn Butler Darrow

Carolyn Butler Darrow
Carolyn Darrow co-authored a book about former Marines who excelled in second careers after their Corps experience. ...more

John Joseph Deering

John Joseph Deering
John Deering first published a book in 1996. ...more

Michael Dirda

Michael Dirda
Michael Dirda is a former senior editor for The Washington Post Book World. He has published many books and numerous essays and articles. ...more

Robert D. Gary

Robert D. Gary
Robert Gary and Jori Bloom Nagele co-authored a book about protecting one's pension benefits. ...more

Charles (OyamO) Gordon

Charles (OyamO) Gordon
OyamO wrote more than 30 plays and has taught drama at the university level. ...more

William Hanley

William Hanley
Hanley published many plays and teleplays during his long drama career as well as three books. ...more

Mike Haszto

Mike Haszto
Mike Haszto is a poet and novelist. ...more

Francisco  Jacinto, Jr.

Francisco  Jacinto, Jr.
Frank Jacinto authored two books about the Mexican community in Lorain. ...more

Frans Jager

Frans Jager is a first generation immigrant who lives in North Ridgeville. His first book gives an honest account of one personal journey from the old country (the Netherlands) to America. ...more

Carol J. Klima

Carol J. Klima
Klima is an author of how-to-do-it books. ...more

J. Holly McCain

J. Holly McCain
Ms. McCain published a book of poetry about her brother. ...more

Kevin McDermott

Kevin McDermott
Kevin McDermott published his photo essay about Edward Gorey in 2003. ...more

Frank S. Mendez

Frank S. Mendez
Frank Mendez has written two books about his family. ...more

Toni  Morrison

Toni  Morrison
Toni Morrison has been awarded the Pulitzer and Nobel Prize for her novels. ...more

Jori Bloom Naegele

Jori Bloom Naegele
Jori Bloom Naegele and Robert Gary co-authored a book about protecting one's pension benefits. ...more

Mim (Vincenza Ianni) Nagy

Mim (Vincenza Ianni) Nagy
Ms. Nagy shared her many years of experience with tag and estate sales by writing a handbook on the topic in 2001. ...more

Mark Nesbitt

Mark Nesbitt
Mark Nesbitt is a former National Park Service Ranger/Historian. He started his own research and writing company in 1977 and did research and advertising copy for some of America's best historical artists. ...more

Marsha Neuman

Marsha Neuman
Marsha Neuman has written travelogues describing the numerous adventures she has had through the years as she has explored the world. ...more

Don Novello

Don Novello
In addition to authoring some fun books, Don Novello is well-known as a "stand-up" comedian who has played the character known as "Father Guido Sarducci" on television and in films. ...more

Dr. Joseph R. Novello

Dr. Joseph R. Novello
Dr. Novello has edited or authored many books about child and adult psychiatry. ...more

Awilda Ramirez

Awilda Ramirez
Ramirez has written over 400 poems in English and Spanish. ...more

William Rayer

William Rayer
William F. Rayer wrote his first novel over several decades while making a living as a Music Director for the Mayfield City Schools of Cleveland, Ohio. ...more

Helen Steiner Rice

Helen Steiner Rice
Rice is Lorain's most famous poet. According to the Helen Steiner Rice Foundation, "Books, cards and other memorabilia bearing Helen Steiner Rice's verses still sell tens of thousands of copies annually..." ...more

Kelly Boyer Sagert

Kelly Boyer Sagert
Kelly Boyer Sagert has authored books, hundreds of magazine articles as well as a play about the Underground Railroad in Lorain County. ...more

Charissa Schalk

Charissa Schalk
Charissa is the author of an inspirational novel. ...more

S. Alan Schweitzer

S. Alan Schweitzer
S. Alan Schweitzer resides in Avon, Ohio with his wife, Barbara. He has published three novels. ...more

Rudy Socha

Rudy Socha
Rudy Socha co-authored a book profiling 88 former Marines who went on to success in the business world. ...more

Wayne P. Stewart

Wayne P. Stewart
Wayne Stewart has written many non-fiction books about sports - mostly about baseball and baseball greats. ...more

Lou Suarez

Lou Suarez
Three collections of the poetry of Lou Suarez have been published in recent years. ...more

Dr. Mary Hilaire Tavenner

Dr. Mary Hilaire Tavenner
Dr. Tavenner has published six books. She also chairs a writers group in Lorain. ...more

Michael E. Waldecki

Michael E. Waldecki
Michael Waldecki has published his poetry in a number of volumes. ...more

Bruce  Weigl

Bruce  Weigl
Bruce Weigl is a nationally acclaimed poet. He has published twelve collections of poetry. In 2006 he won the prestigious Lannan Literary Award for Poetry. ...more

Lloyd Wilson

Lloyd Wilson
Lloyd Wilson's writing career has included non-fiction trade journal articles about the commercial sign-painting trade, a comedy-thriller play and historical fiction about the Lorain Lighthouse. ...more

Harry Youtt

Harry Youtt
Harry Youtt is a retired lawyer, a published poet, and a teacher of creative writing with the UCLA Writers' Program. ...more

Richard Zvosec

Richard Zvosec
Richard Zvosec published a book about his college basketball coaching career in 2008. ...more