North Ridgeville Application

Please join in supporting the Library by becoming a member of the Friends of the Library.

Annual membership dues are: $10 Friend; $5 Golden Friend (Senior Citizen); $25 Good Friend; $50 Best Friend; $75 Benevolent Friend; or $100 True Friend. Lifetime membership -- Friend For Life is $500.

Make check payable to: Friends of the North Ridgeville Library, Inc. (Dues are not tax deductible.)

Name ________________________________
Address ______________________________
City, State, Zip ________________________
Telephone Number _____________________
E-mail Address ________________________
Signature _____________________________
Date _________________________________

Check special interests:

______ Membership
______ Programs
______ Book Sales
______ Publicity
______ Fund Raising
______ Telephoning
______ I just want to support the Library and receive the newsletter.

Bring completed application form to the Library's check out desk or mail it to: Friends of the North Ridgeville Library, P.O. Box 39002, North Ridgeville, OH 44039.