Get Ready to Read

Early Literacy: What children know about reading and writing before they can read and write.

The Lorain Public Library System is participating in Every Child Ready to Read, an initiative from the American Library Association and the Association for Library Services to Children. Every Child Ready to Read is a program that promotes early literacy, helping children gain the building blocks they will need when they begin to read. Children start learning these skills at birth, and you can help!

There are six skills that children need to have in place before they can read.

Vocabulary (word power) Knowing the names of things.

Letter Knowledge (alphabet power) Knowing the names of each letter, that they are different from each other, and that specific sounds go with specific letters.

Print Awareness (how words work) Noticing print everywhere on signs, packages and in everyday life; knowing how to follow words on a page.

Print Motivation (loving books) Building a child's interest in and enjoyment of books.

Narrative Skills (story power) Describing things and events, and encouraging the child to tell stories.

Phonological Awareness (sound power) Recognizing and playing with smaller sounds that make up words.