Lorain Public Library System Goes Fine Free!

Released On: 6/10/2019

Fines are blasting off from the Lorain Public Library System as we say good-bye to late overdue fines beginning June 1.

Chief Operating Officer Cheryl Grizzell said the system’s goal is to remove barriers to access and ensure that every library user can enjoy all the materials the library has to offer. Fines can prevent patrons — especially young ones — from checking out materials and can actually hinder the return of borrowed items, keeping them off the shelves longer and out of the hands of other library users.

“The library is thrilled to be taking one more giant step toward equitable access,” she said. “Other libraries that have already eliminated fines have seen increased circulation and return of library materials, and we anticipate the same. The positive impact on the community will be tremendous.”

Since the library doesn’t rely on the money received from overdue fines to run the library, this change won’t affect the operations of your local branch. 

LPLS will still impose fees for lost or damage materials, and patrons with long overdue or too many overdue materials will have their cards blocked until the items are returned or paid for. 

Customers with a blocked card won’t be able to check out physical materials but can still utilize eServices, reserve meeting rooms, use public computers and attend events.

Borrowed items will not be charged fines as long as they belong to LPLS and are returned. However, this only applies to the general collection owned by LPLS. Special collections will continue to accrue fines and any items checked out through CLEVNET via a hold that do not belong to LPLS are subject to the owning library’s circulation rules.

LPLS cannot waive fines for items that belong to other libraries, nor can LPLS forgive every fine accrued before the start of the program.