A Wolf is Coming!

Released On: 2/3/2020

Wolf in snowA wolf is coming to the Columbia Branch, but he’s not as big or bad as the stories would lead you to believe.

On March 6, you’ll have the opportunity to safely see one of these beautiful creatures in person thanks to the Ironwood Wolves, a small facility home to four ambassador wolves and three red foxes.

“It'll be an awesome event because it is a once in a lifetime experience to come face to face with a wolf without fear,” Columbia Branch Associate Maggie Shullick said. “The goal of the presenters is to educate and impact future generations.”

Shullick said topics will range from the family lives of wolves, their roles in the ecosystem and habitat as well as basic facts and myths.

Rachel Lauren, who runs Ironwood Wolves with Matt Emmelhainz, said wolves are often misunderstood creatures and the purpose of the program is to educate people and separate fact from fiction.

“They’re probably one of the most hated animals in the world,” she said. “We have found that it is based on misinformation of the species. We want the public to see, understand and come to love these animals in the way that we do.”

Lauren said wolves actually live a lot like humans so far as in there is no true “alpha” wolf.

“A wolf pack is simply a family structure,” she said. “Mom and Dad are in charge of the family.

As an apex predator, wolves keep the ecosystem healthy, and stop the spread of diseases in other animal species.”

Ironwood Wolves, based in central Ohio, began as a journey to work with captive wildlife in other places. Lauren said they saw great interest from the public in reactions to meeting with ambassador animals and decided to open their own facility after gaining enough experience to ensure they could give the best care possible.

Ironwood Wolves has previously visited LPLS’ Main Library in the fall of 2019.

For more information on the program or to preregister, visit https://www.lorainpubliclibrary.org/events?action=show&id=36014.