A Time For Reflection: Thanksgiving. Check Out These Inspirational Reads We Recommend

By Ingrid Rivera, Public Relations Associate

11/18/2013 -- Thanksgiving – a time for exquisite food, pleasant family companionship, football games and an opportunity to reflect on the year’s blessings.


Yet it could also be a great time for some leisure reading.


Let the following inspirational and exciting reads we recommend set the right mood this Thanksgiving holiday. 


So read, reflect and relax with these books, available through your Lorain Public Library System.


Have a happy Thanksgiving!


Inspirational Fiction We Recommend For Thanksgiving

List Compiled By Ramona Flores, LPLS Librarian


Stones for Bread by Christa Parrish

Bread is life for Liesl McNamara, who owns and operates the Wild Rose bake house. Things conspire to shake her quiet world: her head baker brings his troubled grandson to apprentice, an employee submits her recipes to a cooking show, and the man who delivers her flour seems interested in romance. To top it off, Liesl hears from a half sister she never knew existed, forcing family secrets into the open. A beautiful tale about learning to let go of the past that binds us and being freed to face the future.


Traces of Mercy by Michael Landon Jr.

At the end of the Civil War, a young woman is found unconscious on a battlefield. She is bloodied and wearing men’s clothing; her hair is cut short. When she awakens with amnesia, she is taken to the Little Sisters of Hope convent in St. Louis to convalesce, where she is named Mercy. More than anything, she wants to find out her past; then enters a handsome stranger who may hold the key. Will the knowledge end any chance of happiness now and end her future? And what about the mystery medallion Mercy wears around her neck?


The Dogs of Christmas by Bruce Cameron

Josh Michael’s neighbor has abandoned his dog, Lucy, on Josh’s doorstep – and Lucy’s pregnant. Never having had a dog, Josh seeks help from the local shelter and meets Kerri, dog lover extraordinaire, who helps him get the new pups ready for adoption through the shelter’s “Dogs of Christmas” program. Meanwhile, Josh learns a lot about the bonds of love, both canine and human. Can he bear to give up his furry family and can he make it work with Kerri? Can love, trust and a basket of puppies really change a guy’s life?


The First Phone Call from Heaven by Mitch Albom

One day, folks in a small town on Lake Michigan begin receiving phone calls from the afterlife. This, of course, makes worldwide news, and everyone wonders: is this the most wonderful thing ever or just a hoax? Sully, a grief-stricken single dad, is determined to find out one way or another, but must also confront his painful past and the death of his wife. Another lovely allegory about faith from favorite author Albom.


The Other Side of Dare by Vanessa Davis Griggs

Paris and her husband, Andrew, are still childless after seven years of marriage. Determined to adopt 9-year-old orphan Jasmine, Paris is unexpectedly opposed by her husband and her father, a powerful politician. To complicate matters, Paris must also battle ex-stripper Gabrielle Mercedes, who has custody of Jasmine and is now in the church dance ministry. With opposition all around, Paris’s only ally is shady and married Darius, who is only happy to help. And why are her husband and father so opposed? The answer is more scandalous than Paris can imagine and she must fight hard to prevail. The ultimate truth shows everyone what’s on the other side of Dare.