Itís Hispanic Heritage Month: Check Out The Spanish Books We Recommend For Children!

South Lorain Branch Library Staff

10/3/2013 -- Sept. 15 through Oct. 15 is Hispanic Heritage Month!  Let’s celebrate!


Check out the Spanish language books we recommend for children that are available through your Lorain Public Library System (LPLS).


Not available right away? No worries! Reserve the books with your LPLS Greater Access card by calling your nearby LPLS Library or online at


Happy Reading!   ¡Qué disfruten leer!


Book Recommendations for Children

List Compiled by South Lorain Branch Library Staff



Plip & Charly en ¿te da miedo la oscuridad?/ Plip & Charly Are Scared of The Dark by Jonathan Farr

Plip and Charly must go to sleep but there are noises in the dark. To find out where they come from, they go searching and find a big surprise.


A Lola le encantan los cuentos/Lola Loves Stories by Anna McQuinn

Mama reads Lola a book about tigers.  The next day, Lola chases a friend through the jungle. ¿En que se convertirá Lola mañana?  What will Lola become tomorrow?


El último coquí/The Last Coquí by Nancy Ana Pérez

After a hurricane hits his native Puerto Rico, Coquiki fears he is the last coquí left alive.  Young readers will follow Coquiki and his friends Lady Hen and Tito the Lizard as they work together in search of other survivors.  (Grades 3-8)


Mis abuelos y yo/My Grandparents and I by Samuel Caraballo

This ode to family depicts the special influence of a young boy’s grandparents in his life. Portrayed through gentle verse are the weekends in the kitchen with delectable desserts, the walks to the museum and historic sites, and the sprinting through the spray of the water hose in the backyard. (Grades K-3)


Mis colores, mi mundo/My Colors, My World by Maya Christina Gonzalez

Maya longs to find brilliant, beautiful color in her world.  But when the wind blows, desert covers everything and turns her whole neighborhood the color of dust.  Maya with help from her friends searches high and low to find the colors.  She finds them in the vibrant purples of her Mama’s flowers, the hot pink clouds at sunset, and the shiny black in her Papa’s hair.  (Grades K-2)


Tito Puente, Rey del Mambo/Tito Puente, Mambo King by Monica Brown

Antonio "Tito" Puente (April 20, 1923 – June 1, 2000) was a Latin jazz and salsa musician and composer. The son of native Puerto Ricans, Ernest and Ercilia Puente, and living in New York City's Spanish Harlem community, Puente is often credited as "The Musical Pope," "El Rey de los Timbales" (The King of the Timbales) and "The King of Latin Music." He is best known for dance-oriented mambo and Latin jazz compositions that helped keep his career going 50 years.  (Beginning Reader-3 to 6 years old)