Check Out The Winners Of Our Groundbreaking Reads Poetry Contest!

8/19/2013 -- Congratulations to the three winners of our 2013 Summer Reading Groundbreaking Reads Poetry Contest! 


Read their original, creative poetry below.


And the winners are… Drum Roll Please…


The winners are:


• Blake Hustic, 3rd through 5th grade category


• Kaleigh Anne Rukovina, 6th through 8th grade category


• Toni Roby, 9th through 12th grade category



Well done!


Poems by Blake Hustic, 3rd through 5th grade category winner


My limerick: ‘the number 3’

By Blake Hustic


Let me tell you about the number three

It can be written or fly very free

It comes before four

Which rhymes with boar

Three can fly like a bee


This is three



H.a.m.m.y. T.h.e H.a.m.s.t.e.r.

By Blake Hustic


He has been my best friend for more than a month

Always there for me

My sister thinks he is spoiled

Mighty strong teeth for chewing hard food

Yes, he is a dwarf hamster


Treats he likes are sunflower seeds, strawberries, etc.

He’s so cute

Energetic at night


His cage is black and red

A friendly fellow

My best friend forever :)

Sleeps all day

The cutest pet ever

Eats a lot

Really, really fun/funny


Poem by Kaleigh Anne Rukovina, 6th through 8th grade category winner



By Kaleigh Anne Rukovina

Boom, boom

Crash, crash

The fireworks explode

In one great flash


I watch them in wonder

They sparkle in my eyes

How do they lighten up

The pretty night skies?


A missile shoots up

Then suddenly, CRACK!

It flashes bright green

And I jump back


The last ten go up

They explode like a storm

But then it’s all over

And the air’s really warm


And as we drive home

I really hope to see

Another fireworks storm

That’s just for me


Poem by Toni Roby, 9th through 12th grade category winner



By Toni Roby

Crimson roses doth pass me by. With thorns of darkness.

Waiting to prick those unsuspecting few.