Check Out The Books For Teens We Recommend!

8/8/2014 -- Here are some great books we recommend teens read this summer.


Book recommendations brought to you by the staff at our Columbia Branch.


These young adult books are available through your Lorain Public Library System.


Happy Reading!



List Below Compiled by Nicole Katz, Library Associate

Monsters by Ilsa J. Bick

In this last installment of the Ashes Trilogy, the story starts up right where the second book left off - Alex, falling back down into the cave-in that's filling in with water very quickly along with giant boulders falling from the sides and ceiling of the cave. I won't ruin it for you as to who saves her... but she miraculously survives and the rest of the book follows Alex, Ellie, Tom, Chris and Peter as they try to survive the post-zap world full of cannibalistic kids and the crazed and power hungry militias and towns that are collecting up as many of the "spared" kids as they can to either use as currency, or save them from the new evils of the world. This trilogy is a heart-pounding, jaw-dropping, sitting on the edge of your seat kind of end of the world/zombie series. These books are not recommended for those with a heart condition!


Somebody Up there Hates You by Hollis Seamon

For fans of John Green's The Fault in Our Stars, you'll love this story. The book follows what seems to be the last leg of life for teens Richard and Sylvie. They are both the only two patients under the age of 30 in the hospice where they are staying and they are both dying of what they've coined as "SUTHY" Syndrome (Somebody Up There Hates You - Syndrome). But, despite their conditions, these two teens persistently refuse to bow to death and try to live what life they have left to the fullest. They forge a romance, pull crazy pranks and even manage an escape to celebrate Halloween. This book makes you really appreciate any life experience at all to be had, because you never know when you could run out of time.


Man Made Boy by Jon Skovron

In this modern day Frankenstein tale set in New York City, Boy is the son of "The Monster" and "The Bride of Dr. Frankenstein.” Boy and his family, along with every other magical creature of lore and legend, work in this Broadway theatre that is run by a "Dracula" type character. This theatre is one of a few safe havens across the world for supernatural creatures, and Boy is the theatres’ I.T. guy. In his free time, Boy has been working on a new kind of computer virus and frees it into the web void not really knowing what it would do, if anything. Soon, Boy and his goblin girlfriend set off into the human world, doing their best to blend in and next thing they are on the run being chased by a virtual being that's leaving bodies in its wake. This is a great, exciting and modern fairy tale.



List Compiled below by Sandy Mitchell, former Librarian Supervisor

Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein

This historical novel takes place during World War II, when a British spy plane crashes in Nazi France. Verity is captured by the Gestapo.  She has left her pilot, Maddie, in the wrecked plane.  Verity must tell the Gestapo what her mission is or face execution.  The powerful and haunting novel explores the bonds of friendship, courage, and survival.