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Lorain Public Library Systemís Board Of Trustees Welcomes New Member Mallory Joyce Holmes

By Ingrid Rivera, Public Relations Associate

10/1/2013 -- Mallory Joyce Holmes, 27, a defense lawyer, spends most of her day in courtrooms like the Lorain Municipal Court focusing on criminal and traffic offenses.

Her days are long and “super busy,” her lunch break is taken on the fly, and her ambition is high. She carries an iPad in her briefcase and explains reading court dockets electronically is faster (though she quickly adds that she prefers to read books for pleasure in printed form).

Dressed in a dark suit and a wide smile, Holmes recalled how the Main Library in Lorain helped her while studying law.

“I’d come to the (Main Library) and find a quiet spot upstairs to study for the bar exam,” Holmes said. “I was studying about 14 to 15 hours a day so I’d come here to the Library for a change of scenery.”

Her hard work paid off.

She earned her juris doctorate in 2010 from the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. She had earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and criminology in 2007 from The Ohio State University in just three years. Born and raised in Lorain, she is also a 2004 Lorain Admiral King High School graduate.

She now brings her legal work and educational experience to Lorain Public Library System.


Holmes is a new board member of the Lorain Public Library System’s Board of Trustees.


Holmes will fill the unexpired term of former board member Jodi Penwell for the period of July 1, 2013 through December 31, 2015.


She said as a board member she wants to help promote the Library System’s resources and help make them more accessible, including to those with financial or transportation limitations.

“I was interested in getting involved in a cause that really reached out and got me grossly involved in the community,” Holmes said.

Lorain Public Library System “has good people here, good resources and good programs,” she said.

Holmes said she’s proud the Library System offers great literacy programs for both children and adults; hosts fun events including Poetry Slams; and helps meet patrons’ researching and job searching needs. LPLS helps patrons improve their resumes.

She’s also happy to note that LPLS brings in volunteer tax professionals who help patrons fill out tax returns.

“There’s so much more here than just books,” Holmes said. “The Library serves as our community center.”

Even before her college years, the Main Library was already an integral part of her life.  Thanks to her family, from an early age she learned the value of a library. Her parents would take her and her two sisters to the Main Library to work on school book reports.

Growing up in West Lorain, she also fondly remembers how she and her sisters enjoyed walking to the Library System’s Bookmobile.

“We grew up on the Bookmobile and we loved it,” she said.

And now as a board member, Holmes said she will continue to support the Library System and its Bookmobile.

“I’m from here. I live and I work in Lorain. I have a high interest that this (Library System) does well. I’d like to see it thrive,” Holmes said.



Fun Facts

Mallory Joyce Holmes:


• Did not grow up wanting to be an attorney but “stumbled upon the idea” during her freshman year in college. “And it’s working for me!”

• Thought she wanted to attend medical school but learned her strengths were reading and writing, and decided to major in law.

• Believes it takes ambition and dedication to be successful.

• Finished her bachelor’s degree in just three years.

• Is currently reading The Dark Side of the Light Chasers by Debbie Ford.

• Belongs to a book club.

• Owns an iPad but prefers to read printed books.


“As a lawyer, I read and keep up with changing laws but when you get to read for pleasure, it’s nice,” Holmes added.



Welcome, Mallory Joyce Holmes!