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Teen Drama Club Presents: A Western Melodrama!

By Ingrid M. Rivera, Public Relations Associate

7/18/2014 -- “Yee-haw!”  Decked out in cowboy hats, boots and lassos, our very own Teen Drama Club thespians are bringing country swag to their knee-slapping, comical play.


With daring heroes, filthy villains, horses and other funny props, this Western melodrama will surely entertain the whole family!



Lorain Public Library System’s Teen Drama Club presents a Western melodrama at our Main Library in Lorain on Wednesdays, July 23 at 6:30 p.m. and July 30 at 10:30 a.m. 



The Main Library is located at 351 W. Sixth St., Lorain.  Preregistration is required and is available online or by calling the Main Library at 440-244-1192, ext. 449 or 1-800-322-READ, ext. 449.


Based off the 1976 play An Old-Fashioned Soap Opera by Paul Leslie, this live theatrical performance has a fun Western twist.  The teens dubbed their version of the play “The Clean and the Furious” and “Fifty Shades of Dirt.”


The play is sprinkled with soap puns that will surely appeal to adults and kids alike.


In this funny melodrama, the evil Dirty Dan Dinglethorpe plans to steal and destroy Pa Pureheart’s secret formula for creating amazing soap - you only need to wash once a month to keep clean.  Our valiant hero Sudsly Doorite must put a stop to the dirty, wicked plan before an even more precious jewel to him is lost forever.


Featuring great adventure, comedy, suspense and yes, even some romance, this hilarious play will climax with a nail-biting duel between the conniving Dirty Dan and our country hero, Sudsly Doorite.  Their weapons of choice?  Well, you’ll just have to come see the play to find out!


“Come prepared to participate in the fun,” said Corinne Jalkanen, library associate. Audience members will be expected to get very vocal throughout special parts of the play.


“This is your chance to see live theater performed by teenagers that is funny and geared toward families,” Jalkanen said. 


Teen Drama Club member Cierra Rogers, 17, agrees the audience will enjoy this play.


“It’s funny,” said Rogers, the play’s narrator.  “There are funny references to soap, cleaning soap. We needed a theme so we picked a Western theme.”


The teens take great ownership of the plays they perform.  They usually help write their own scripts, construct their own costumes and build scenery.


Our Teen Drama Club, in its sixth year, is open to teenagers spanning the sixth through 12th grades.  There are a dozen actors participating in this play.


Rogers says being in the Teen Drama Club is a good experience.  “You get to meet people and do something different and fun with your summer,” she said.


For more information about our Teen Drama Club, call the Main Library at 440-244-1192, ext. 449 or 1-800-322-READ, ext. 449.