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Celebrate The Chinese New Year At Our Main Library Sunday With Live Traditional Chinese Music!

By Ingrid Rivera, LPLS Public Relations Associate

2/7/2014 -- Live traditional Chinese music will fill our Main Library this Sunday.


In honor of the Chinese New Year, the year of the horse, Northeast Ohio's traditional Chinese orchestra is returning for its second annual performance!


The Cleveland Chinese Music Ensemble will perform their collection of pieces titled “Spring in the East” Sunday, Feb. 9 from 2p.m. to 3p.m. at our Main Library in Lorain.


The Main Library is located at 351 W. Sixth Street, Lorain.


“Chinese music is peaceful,” said David Badagnani, of the Cleveland Chinese Music Ensemble.  “It sounds like drops of water. It sounds like the wind. It’s very connected to nature,” he said.


This year, January 31 marked the Chinese New Year (also known as the Spring Festival), the year of the horse, and February 14 marks another famous celebration, the Chinese Lantern Festival. So we are gladly spotlighting China’s musical heritage!


Be dazzled by the Cleveland Chinese Music Ensemble’s graceful and festive music!


Their performance Sunday will include several pieces about horses, played on an assortment of traditional Chinese musical instruments such as mouth organs, fiddles, lutes and percussion.


Audience members will be invited for a hands-on opportunity to try the drums, gongs and cymbals, joining the ensemble for a few numbers. Interspersed between the pieces will be readings of several colorful stories and poems about horses from Chinese history.


For more information call our Main Library at (440) 244-1192.