Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2011-2014

Goal #1 – Continuously enhance libraries throughout the Lorain Public Library System as community destinations that are welcoming, inviting, and accessible.

Objective A: Assess the Bookmobile and each facility’s ability to serve specific community interests or needs.

Goal #2 – Enhance our customer-focused libraries to offer vital, responsive, and helpful community resources.

Objective A: Provide ongoing professional training to develop versatile, flexible, customer-focused staff to address patron needs and expectations.

Objective B: Review and revise policies, procedures and human resources to support customer-focused library operations.

Objective C: Provide staff with the technology and resources to offer customer-focused service.

Objective D: Provide current materials and technological resources that meet the public’s needs.

Objective E: Recognize and celebrate diversity at each library through services, programming, and collections reflective of the local community.

Goal #3 – Strive for financial stability and develop new revenue sources to sustain Lorain Public Library System’s growth of services.

Objective A: Advocate for secure, stable, long-term state funding for our public libraries.

Objective B: Pass local library levies to maintain or improve library operations.

Objective C: Promote and support the activities of The Foundation of the Lorain Public Library System, Inc. and all of the Friends of the Library groups.

Objective D: Expand regional collaboration opportunities.

Objective E: Explore possible revenue streams through advocacy, partnerships and philanthropy.

Objective F: Review, revise and develop policies for budgeting and fund balances.

Goal #4 – Increase public awareness of the Lorain Public Library System.

Objective A: Sustain public support resulting in successful levy campaigns by promoting the benefits, values and importance of the library system to our communities.

Objective B: Increase use of the Lorain Public Library System resulting in growth of: circulation, headcount, in-library computer usage, program attendance, and website usage.

Objective C: Cultivate community involvement in the library system resulting in an increase in volunteer participation and in library advocacy efforts.

Objective D: Increase awareness and understanding of the Library’s value to the business community and promote partnerships.

Objective E: Continue use of our brand identity that communicates a contemporary image of the library system and conveys key messages.

Objective F: Actively seek and promote strategic and purposeful collaborations with other institutions.


Approved by Lorain Public Library System Board of Trustees Dec. 16, 2010